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Being a victim of sexual abuse can alter your life forever. It is a traumatic experience you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Survivors of sexual abuse may experience permanent and damaging impacts on their psychological, physical, and emotional health.  

At Goldberg, Goldberg & Maloney, we know that what you are going through is overwhelming. We also understand how difficult it is for victims of sexual abuse to come forward and share their stories. Our crime victim representation attorneys strive to make our clients feel safe and comfortable when discussing their rights and legal options under the law. We approach every case with the confidentiality, empathy, and professionalism it deserves. Reach out to our sexual abuse attorneys in West Chester, Pennsylvania, to get the compassionate representation you need.  

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What Is Sexual Abuse?  

The term “sexual abuse” is any form of unwanted contact of a sexual nature. Common forms of sexual abuse include but are not limited to: 

  • Rape 

  • Sexual assault 

  • Exploitation 

  • Verbal harassment  

  • Indecent exposure 

  • Unwanted touching 

  • Voyeurism  

Sexual abuse can occur between two or more people of any gender, age, or marital status. Many acts of sexual abuse are committed by someone in a position of power over the victim, such as employers, doctors, clergy members, teachers, trainers, and others. Being a victim of sexual abuse can be distressing and difficult to deal with, while the repercussions of living through such a traumatic experience can be devastating and lifelong.  

Civil Claim for Sexual Abuse  

There are two types of legal cases that can result from sexual abuse: 

  1. A criminal case is pursued by the state prosecutor (via the District Attorney's Office) to determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant (the accused). The evidence presented by the prosecution must be convincing enough to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to secure a conviction. The accuser may appear as a witness for the prosecution.  

  1. A civil claim is filed by the accuser, who is usually represented by an attorney, against the alleged perpetrator and others responsible for the assault. The evidence presented by the accuser and their attorney must be convincing enough to prove that it is more likely than not that the sexual abuse has occurred and the defendant is liable for damages and losses suffered by the accused.   

The victim has a right to sue their abuser by filing a civil claim even if the abuser is found innocent of the crime in a criminal case. In Pennsylvania, victims of sexual abuse have two years from the date of the alleged incident to file a civil claim against the attacker. However, the statute of limitations is different if the victim was sexually abused as a child. Questions about the applicable statute of limitations should be addressed with experienced attorneys like those at our law firm.  

Victims of sexual abuse can potentially recover damages by suing the abuser in a civil case. If the civil case is successful, the victim can obtain financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, as well as non-economic damages such as loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, humiliation, and mental anguish.  

Why You Need to Take Legal Action 

While no amount of money can erase the unthinkable and devastating harm caused by sexual abuse, seeking financial compensation through a civil claim can help bring much-needed closure and peace of mind. Our attorneys at Goldberg, Goldberg & Maloney stand up for the victims of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania and hold abusers and institutions that cover up the wrongdoing accountable.  

We bring claims against anyone who commits atrocious and heinous acts of sexual abuse, including but not limited to: 

  • Clergy members 

  • Employers  

  • Supervisors 

  • Doctors, dentists, and surgeons 

  • Teachers and educators 

  • Trainers and coaches 

  • Nursing home staff 

  • Government agents 

Our compassionate attorneys are dedicated to helping survivors secure justice and gain closure by holding abusers and the institutions that employ them accountable through civil claims. We are here to provide you with the legal guidance you need to navigate the legal system and reclaim your voice.

Sexual Abuse Attorneys Serving West Chester, Pennsylvania

Surviving an act of sexual abuse can have long-lasting damaging effects on the victim’s life. At Goldberg, Goldberg & Maloney, we understand the immense impact these acts have on survivors and approach each case with the sensitivity and urgency it deserves. Call our sexual abuse attorneys in West Chester now so we can provide you with knowledgeable legal advice tailored to your situation and are prepared to fight for justice on your behalf.